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Accessing the Database

To access the database, connect your device to the College’s network, and browse to S:\Common\Assembly – Elliot then open the correct file for your department.


 For Desktop Shortcut File: Copy the shortcut from the downloaded ZIP to your desktop.

Maths Department

Using the Database

Database Welcome Screen

After opening the database, select “Get Started” on the Welcome Screen to begin.

Issuing Detentions

1 From the home screen, use the search facility in the top right corner to search for a student.
Simply Input their first or last name, then select the magnifying glass icon to search.

Database Home Screen
Student Search

2 After you have searched for a student, select the “Open” button next to their name.

3 This will bring up the “Student Details” window, select the “Detentions” Tab to add a new event.

Student Details Window
Student Details Window - Detentions Tab

4 On the “Detentions” tab, input the date, and the reason for the detention being issued.

Then select “Close” to shut the window.

Repeat the process for as many students as necessary.

Marking Detentions

1 From the Home Screen, select “Student Detention” from the “All Access Objects” menu.

Detention Home Screen
Student Detentions Extended

2 Change the status for the student’s detention to “Detention Attended”.

Be sure to select the correct student and correct date.

The table will sort by Date (most recent first) by default.

Refreshing a Page

To update information across all tabs opened, simply click the “Refresh All” button on the Home ribbon.

Home Ribbon